Business GPS POI (Point of Interest)

GPS POI (point of interest)
GPS POI is a website which main task is to accumulate points of interest in the United Kingdom. Our priorities are businesses, industrial and commercial areas. The website does not contain only the geographical coordinates but also other important information about businesses e.g. The results can be generated in forms used by the GPS navigation equipment. The main feature is the businesses location on detailed maps. We create maps of industrial areas to get the general idea about the industry and the companies in the region. Step by step we add a list of products of individual companies and consequently regional maps describing the whole production of the region and the overview of the businesses in the locality.

The database is divided according to

  • companys name
  • companys postcode
  • companys area code
  • companys production
  • companys location (town, city, county)

An important feature of this map system is the navigation from the motorway junction to the exact location of the company. GPS navigation equipment does not always pick the correct route. They are incapable of knowing the detailed local structure, the occurrences of traffic jams or the quality of local roads. The orientation can sometimes be problematic, especially in the industrial areas with a large number of companies. In this case the GPS navigation will be corrected by the people from a specific company.

The system obtains the data from public sources such as

  • Companies House
  • Companies websites
  • e-mail marketing
  • telemarketing
  • online data editing